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Lee Spelbrink

Lee Spelbrink

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06/11/21 12:43 PM #1    

Phil Meyer

Lee and I both lived in Southview Heights from about 4th grade through High School. We spent hours and hours playing games involving baseball. He had a "pitch-back" rebounder that we'd throw into and then there were many hours of playing with the Wiffle ball and bat. 

Home Run Derby was big at the time on TV, so we played that daily. Lee would pitch the Wiffle ball and I'd try to hit the ball onto the roof of his house to get a "home run". Three outs and we'd switch.

This back yard playing ultimately led to us playing together on the Scarlet baseball team. Lots of fun times and good memories.

Miss you, Lee.

Phil Meyer

06/11/21 07:19 PM #2    

Martha Smith

Lee was a sweetheart.  Spellbrink's was a great men's store across the street on Front St. from my dad's store, Stan Smith Jewelers.

06/12/21 08:29 AM #3    

John Adolphson

A Dodger Fan!!!

06/12/21 09:24 AM #4    

Rex Averill

Lee was a really nice guy.  I was saddened when I found of some time ago he ad died.  A gentleman, when we didn't use that term in high school.  Never could convince him though to get me discounts at his dad's store!

06/12/21 09:43 AM #5    

Penny Saiki


He also made his own egg noodles from scratch. He gave me the recipe written on a matchbook cover. In the summer of 1969 Bob Hoffman, Lee and 2 other guys let Linda Dickhoff then married to Gary, who was in the service, and I sleep on their sofas in the living room. The 4 guys were in 2 bunks in the one bedroom. Lee and I were on a regular work schedule, but all the others worked different schedules. We never saw the other 2 guys at all. It was the summer that the guys landed on the moon. There is some memory fog too because Lee's dad came up to go to a Twins game and they were eating breakfast when i popped in because Lee was needing to borrow some eggs, and his dad asked if i was always there. Linda's mom got wind of our situation and came up to help Linda find a place. It was in August 1969 that Pillsbury House began its long run with Linda and Meredith Nelson and Pat Armstrong ( friend of Linda's from Macalester ) renting the first floor. Eventually the second and third floor as well as the basement were occupied. I stayed a few weeks that year, but i think i had other 2 week stints over the years.  It was fun for my time there. I remember that we put in $5 a week for groceries, and we took turns cooking dinners. Breakfast and lunch were on your own out of the kitchen. $5 went a long way then. (The corner gas station had 25 cent gas.)

I'm used to living on my own, but i sometimes think that when we all hit 95, it might be good to have another group house, but you have to be healthy! Take care of yourselves, Scarlets!  PS: I'm the straightest person i know, even as a hippy.



06/12/21 03:01 PM #6    

Martha Kroon (Hartzell)

Lee and I froze plenty of times in his VW bug. Playing cards with Larry Kudrle and him was always a riot.  The three of us travelled to Germany where we parted ways-I to visit Joelle and they to do the Eurail pass and car rental.  Later that summer they came to Joelle's for a last, brief reunion.  I really missed those two guys after I left Minnesota. They were solid and fun.  

06/13/21 06:49 AM #7    

Bob Hoffman

We were roommates at the U of Mn for a couple of years. 'Louie' (after Lou Hudson- Gopher basketball player) was a rabid Green Bay fan, even in the land of Vikings. He loved a good time.

06/18/21 11:22 AM #8    

Steve Lund

What a great time to reminisce about Lee.  He was definitely one of a kind.  Lee and I lived together in the dorm at the U of M our freshman year.  To say he was a "Gopher Fan" wouold be an understatement.  Lee was a legend at the Minnesota Hockey games.  We lived in the dorm room next door to two of the U of M hockey players, most memorably Steve Ross who was from Intenrational Falls.  They were Minnesota High School Hockey champions for four years straight.  Steve never lost a hockey match in four years.   You definitely knew that Lee was in the stands at the hockey matches.  Usually with face to the screen cheering on the Gophers and harassing their opponents.  In a world of Vikings--Lee was a Green Bay Packer fan.   I was shocked to hear about his death prior to attending the 50th reunion.  There will never be another Lee Spelbrink.

06/19/21 04:31 PM #9    

Roni Hibbard (Wendt)

My dad, Ron Hibbard, was always interested in working with students outside of teaching hours. As I recall , he took Lee and Larry Kudrle with him on a canoe trip to the Boundary Waters. At the time , I wished I could go along, but it was a guys trip.

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